Anti-Vibration Mounts: Type: AV-SL

Anti-Vibration Mounts: Type: AV-SL

Advantages for Installation of Machinery on Mounts

  • Optimum performance of your Equipment
  • No foundation or grouting required
  • Precise levelling
  • Free from external shock loads and vibrations
  • Absorbs shock and impacts
  • Prevents wandering. Firm positioning
  • Lower noise level
  • Mobility of machine lay-out
  • Immediate commissioning

Installation of AVMOUNT Mounts: Type - AV-SL Series

It take a few minutes to instal the machine on mounts
  • Lift up the machine from the floor
  • Keep the mount below the machine so that the levelling guide should be exactly under the machine base
  • Level the machine using a precision spirit level tighten the side levelling bolt to raise the levelling guide and adjust the height of the mount to obtain precise levelling
  • Tighten the lock nut after levelling, to prevent any alterations in level while operation

The adjustable height of our mounting is as follows:

AV 04-SL 60-67
AV 08-SL 71-82
AV 12-SL 76-89
AV 20-SL 92-105

Note: Should the levelling exceed this limit, due to irregularities in the floor, then a spacer of appropriate diameter and thickness should be inserted in between the Machine Base and levelling guide to compensate the difference in floor level.

Applications: Type - AV-SL

Machine tools / general purpose machines, Lathes, Milling machines, Shaping Machines, Grinding Machines, Power Presses, Hydraulic presses, Nibblers, Notching Machines, Press Brakes, Guillotine shears, Rubber Processing Machinery, Special Purpose Machines, Wood Working Machines.

Any other machine where vibration needs to be isolated.

Avmount Machine Mounts AV 04-SL AV 08-SL AV 12-SL AV 20-SL
Diameter (A) 80 mm 120 mm 160 mm 200 mm
Min. Ht. above floor (H) 60 mm 71 mm 76 mm 92 mm
Adjustable Level 60-67 mm 71-82 mm 76-89 mm 92-105 mm
Loading/Mount Machine tools (Normal) 400Kgs 800 kg 1200 kg 2000 kg
Loading/Mount-Grinding Machine (heavy) 500 kg 1000 kg 2000 kg 4000 kg

AVMOUNT Machine Mounts

The primary requisite of machine tool installation, for its optimum service, is a lower noise level, free from external and inherent vibrations, easy installation and precise levelling. AVMOUNT Machine Mounts provide all these and absorb shocks and impacts from punching machines and presses, also the horizontal forces from injection moulding machines.

AVMOUNT Machine Mounts are also used in all places where you need a safe machine installation without floor anchorage.

AVMOUNT Machine Mounts have beneficial effect on working performance, working conditions in the adjacent premises such as offices and laboratories are enormously improved.

AVMOUNT Machine Mounts consist of oil and age resistant synthetic rubber and the compact mount gives the optimal absorption of vibration.

Mounting Procedure (Type AV)

Lift the machine slightly above the floor.

  1. Lower the machine so that it rests on the machine mounts
  2. Level the machine using a precision spirit level
  3. Tighten the lock nut after levelling, to prevent any alterations in level while in operation
  4. Should the levelling exceed this limit because of an uneven floor, then a spacer of appropriate diameter and thickness should be inserted between the machine base and the mount, to compensate for the difference in the floor level at any support point
  5. In some machines, the design of the base is hollow. In such cases, the machine is made to rest on an adequate size of flats and the mountings placed under them. The rest of the procedure is the same as discussed
  6. In case of light machines running at very high rpm's, there may be a tendency for the machine to drift a little. In such cases, apply Dunlop's S 758 rubber adhesive on the floor and on the bottom surface of the rubber mounting and then lower the machine on to the mount. In a few hours the mount will stick to the floor and thus prevent even minute shifting of the machine. This is necessary in case of high frequency generators, bench grinders, power presses, notching machines, etc

Capacity: 100 kg to 2000 kg per mounting.