Machine Mount Levelling WEDGE Type AV - 15000

For Optimum performance of your equipment.

Machine Mount Levelling WEDGE Type AV - 15000

Advantages for Installation of Machinery on Mounts:

Optimum performance of your Equipment; No foundation or grouting required; Precise levelling; Free from external shock loads and vibrations; Absorbs shock and impacts; Prevents wandering Firm positioning; Lower noise level; Mobility of machine lay-out; Immediate commissioning.

Weight carrying capacity / Mount = 15000 Kilograms

Technical Specifications Type AV - 15000

100 275 325 M24 5mm 15000 Kg.


Machine tools, general purpose and special purpose machines, Lathes, Milling machines, Shaping Machines, Plastic extrusion machines, Shock testing machines, Die - casting machines, injection moulding machines, Cold extrusion presses, Grinding Machines, Power Presses, Hydraulic Presses, Nibblers, #Notching Machines, Press Brakes, #Guillotine shears, #Rubber Processing Machinery, Wood Working Machines, etc etc.....

Installation Procedure:

  • Lift up the machine from the floor.
  • Keep the mount below the machine such that the mount should be exactly under the machine base.
  • Level the machine using a precision spirit level.
  • Loosen the side levelling bolt to lower and adjust the height of the mount to obtain precise levelling, Max. up to 5mm.
  • Tighten lock nuts to arrest levelling.